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Strands Cruise Light Strobe Controller

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Strands Cruise Light Strobe Controller

This is a flash light controller for use while on the move.

The flash controller has many great features and takes your vehicle equipment to a whole new level.

You connect the flash controller to the position lights on your running lights, work lights under 30W, or other lights you want to flash as long as they use less than 30W.

The flash controller is waterproof and has 12 flicker patterns and a 3-year functionality warranty.

How to connect:

The flash controller output has six channels. You add red wires (plus) and black wires (minus) to the lights, keeping them in one order. If you are not using all six channels, make sure to insulate the ends of the wires you are not using to prevent short circuits. If the light is already connected to ground, you don't need to connect the black wires from the flash controller, just the negative ones.

For input power, you always have one black wire, one red wire, and one yellow wire. The black and red wires are connected to a switch or button inside the cabin, and the yellow connects to the red to select the flicker pattern. Since some of the patterns are dynamic/running, it is important to connect the channels in the order you want the lights to flicker.

Product Details
Cable length
500 mm
Modes of operation
Road Light | Position Light White | Orange
Rated power
Voltage / Power
Operating range