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Strands Pro 1x DT-Connector cable set

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Strands Pro 1x DT-Connector cable set

Professional cable set with 1 DT connector, ideal for connecting an LED panel. Ensures quick, simple and professional installation.

The signal cable (brown 86) is used to connect the relay to our Canbus interface. If your car is not equipped with Canbus, you can connect the signal directly from your car headlights with this cable. The Siberia pro 1x DT cable set also has other applications. There is also Output 2 (blue 87A) which allows you to control another signal such as the position light on the Siberia and Dark Knight series. Output 2 is used using XBB.

A two-pole DT connector is supplied with the cable kit, and since both the Siberia and the Dark Knight series use four-pole DT connectors due to the dual position lights, an adapter cable is also supplied to convert from a four-pole to a two-pole DT connector. The adapter cable also has two loose wires that are used to power the position lights.
The DT connector is rated for a load of 156W, and if you plan to connect more devices consuming more than 156W, this cable set can handle a maximum of 360W if the DT connector is cut off. It can, for example, be used for the Siberia DR LED beam with a length of 42" and 52".

Because there are two waterproof ones that allow for secure and tight closure after cutting the cable, and a clamp for reconnecting the protective cover. However, it is important to cut at least 50 cm from the transmitter to ensure that the cable is not exposed to moisture.