Complaints are considered immediately, but no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the complained product. If the complaint is deemed justified, we will fulfill the complaint in accordance with applicable legal provisions regarding warranty.

      Please remember that some complaints must be consulted with the manufacturer of the goods and this takes longer than one or two days.

           We always try to respond as quickly as possible and we always stand by our client.

You have a problem? Contact us by e-mail or telephone. Please allow us some time to respond and investigate. Help us understand the essence of the problem, provide photo or video materials. We will certainly help!

Ways to file a complaint about goods:


      Take photos of the advertised goods showing the reason for reporting. You can also show the problem in a video.

     Send a complaint along with photographic materials to the following address:

   Attention! Please send photos and videos to our email address. This will definitely speed up our response and make the entire process easier. We have a lot of phones in the company and photos sent via messengers are invisible to the entire team.

     After reviewing the notification, you will receive information from us about what we will do next: whether it is necessary to return the goods to us, whether we need more information or how we intend to help you further.

The traditional way

      Complete the complaint form.

    Send the complained product along with the form and your contact details to the address of our warehouse:

Chromemaster Automotive
ul. Galaktyczna 32
80-299 Gdansk, Poland